How Charities Can Benefit from Unique PGP Laptop Encryption Pricing…

Gradian Systems offer a unique pricing structure to the charity sector for Symantec PGP's Whole Disk Encryption Software. With cloud delivery offering speedy encryption, Gradian helps transcend both financial challenges and the cost of change.
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Charities often struggle to manage their sensitive data.  With the Information Commissioner’s Office warning that charities could be fined up to £500,000 if found in breach of Data Protection legislation, this is an increasingly pressing issue.

More exposed than most due to the very nature of the personal information collected, case records being a typical example, Charities can no longer afford to place this issue on the back burner.

The ICO recently provided five top tips specifically to charities following several warnings issued surrounding the loss of data on laptops; one such tip being to encrypt all portable devices, such as laptops, as a preventative measure.

Gradian Systems is the only Value Added Reseller within the UK that is able to offer unique pricing to the charity sector for Symantec PGP’s Whole Disk Encryption software.  Gradian now offers a significant discount to charities in support of their dilemma and in an effort to help minimise their exposure.

When a charity opts to use PGP as their solution of choice, either on premis or via the cloud, Gradian is able to offer unique laptop encryption pricing.  Additionally, taking advantage of cloud delivery ensures that each laptop asset will start to encrypt in less than 10 minutes providing virtually instant peace of mind and, therefore, security for the charity.

Managing Director, Damian Acklam, comments on the initiative:

“We currently have over 13 charities taking advantage of our unique pricing structure and the feedback has been very positive. There is a clear need to protect data across all portable assets and, in partnership with Symantec, we are looking forward to helping more charities benefit from both the heavily supported pricing and also the flexibility of delivery options.

Any charities interested are asked to contact Gradian Systems on 01420 540700.

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