What is PGP Whole Disk Encryption?

PGP whole disk encryption, or PGP full disk encryption as it is sometimes referred to, is a piece of software allowing you to easily encrypt your entire hard drive. It protects your data rendering it unreadable to unauthorised users in the event of theft or accidental loss.

Whether you are looking for PGP whole disk encryption for Mac or PC, laptop or desktop, this software is versatile enough to encrypt hard drives on both platforms and either type of device. The entire drive is encrypted including swap files, system files and hibernation files.

However, if you log into your system and leave the device unattended then your data is not protected. It is file encryption that will additionally protect individual files following successful authorised access to the system.

Unlike file encryption which requires user intervention to encrypt, once the initial whole disk encryption software is installed, the PGP full disk encryption process automatically encrypts anything and everything the user and the operating systems creates.

How does PGP Whole Disk Encryption Work?

PGP full disk encryption modifies the boot sequence during start up, whether the system is Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac or Linux, prompting the user to authenticate credentials via a passphrase. Once valid credentials have been entered, the operating system continues as normal permitting user access. The software operates in conjunction with the existing file system which means there is no negative impact on performance as a consequence of software installation.

How Do You Recover Data?

The highest incidence of data recovery is down to lost or forgotten passphrases. Accessing an encrypted system under these circumstances can be done either via local self recovery, a recovery token or administrator key. Local self recovery allows users to answer predefined questions at start up to gain access. Recovery tokens allow one time/per device/per user set of alphanumeric characters to reset a passphrase and an administrator key is stored on a tamper proof smart card.

What are the Benefits of PGP Full Disk Encryption?

1) Easy automatic operation
– multi platform
– expanded international keyboard support
– single sign on
– multiple ways to protect data

2) Enforced security policies
– expanded device security policy
– PGP Endpoint integration
– client controls
– status reporting
– strong authentication options

3) Reduced operation costs
– no specialist training required
– minimal increase to help desk calls

4) PGP universal server management or cloud deployment
– centrally enforced security policy
– recovery passphrase
– extensible protection

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Deployment

PGP encryption software is provided by Symantec and can be deployed by Gradian Systems either as an on-premise solution or via the Cloud. Gradian Systems are the only providers leveraging the cloud for deployment of this software. For the specific advantages of Gradian’s cloud deployment, click here for further information.










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