Encryption: Symantec PGP Managed Whole Disk Encryption as a Managed Service

If you are struggling to navigate the tricky waters of full disk encryption, (laptop encryption, mac disk encryption and more generally disk encryption software) but understand that protecting this vital asset is a critical path to sustaining corporate health, then look no further.

Gradian offers Symantec's award winning PGP whole disk encryption software as a managed service. Put simply, we'll replace your associated capital and operational costs with an annual licence fee and a cloud based whole disk encryption solution; providing complete data encryption security at just the touch of a button.

Not only do we offer ongoing technical support and management, but this pay per use model offers minimal disaster recovery time. Whether for Windows or Mac OS, laptop encryption or desktops our drive encryption solution is the number one choice for protecting data in situ.

Offering total flexibility, Gradian's delivery of Symantec PGP's whole disk encryption software allows you to focus on growing your business, whilst we encrypt each additional asset to your growing hardware estate on an individual basis.

High performance, strong full disk encryption – let us protect your data via our cloud infrastructure. If you require 5 or more computing assets encrypted, complete the form below for your free 30 day trial or call us on 01420 540700 to discuss your requirements:


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Disaster Recovery & Support

  • Local Site Failover
  • Offsite Data Replication
  • System Component Monitoring
  • 6 hour “Total Time to Recover”
  • Per Hour Application Monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Availability
  • Fault & support response time commitments

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By taking the Managed Service approach, we achieve our business objective to provide a robust data loss prevention solution which is simple to deliver. The combination of PGP’s Universal and Whole Disk Encryption technology and Gradian’s clear customer focus on solutions delivery provides the solid foundations on which we can grow.

IT & Services Director, European Forensic Services Provider

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